This collection is one of Samir Sammoun's signature works. It is inspired by the scenery of a park right behind his house in the Greater Montreal.


Picturing the east coast of Florida, you can admire the sun rising through the vivid brush strokes of Sammoun.



In honour of his mother, Sammoun paints his childhood village Alman. The cypress is a symbol of strength and reminds him of all the wonderful moments spent with his mother and grandmother.



Open fields, blooming flowers, and colourful backgrounds, Sammoun paints in the spring when the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining.


Scenes from Sammoun's birthplace, Joun, Lebanon. His masterpieces bring us right in the heat of the summer.



The Lavender and Sun collection is a burst of energy and light right out of his canvas.



Through this series, see all of Sammoun’s favourite cities; travel to Paris, Montreal, Lebanon, Boston, New York and many more.



Bronze, Fountain of Peace



Olive groves, symbol of peace



Spring in all its majesty.



This series of works represents mainly the Montreal Botanical Garden as well as Boston Public.



Snow is a major character of Montreal City and its suburbs.



The series of Mustard Fields paintings has started after Sammoun's visit to Île-d'Orléans just north of Quebec City.



A very iconic subject that reflects the spirit of the City of Light and its unique night life.



Cobalt blue, white and deep green dominate the colour palette of these compositions.



The Mediterranean Sea shores display nature in complementary fashion.



Sammoun adores painting the fields of the valley against Mount Lebanon and plays with the colours and textures to render the drama of these scenes to his best.



Portraits are human notes in Sammoun's works.



Classical still lifes are part of his works where texture is an important aspect.



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