Beach Scenes


Samir Sammoun's beach scenes represent mainly North Miami, Florida, where he goes quite often during winter time escaping the cold weather in Montreal. In the morning Sammoun likes to rush to the beach, where he can catch the sun rise. During the day he studies the sea ever-changing hues, the sky and the people walking. His beach scene composition is very simple. There are only two lines: the beach and the sky delimiting the sea. His interest is to play with the rich colours of the sky and the sea during various moments of the day. Two umbrellas, one red and one yellow, and one single sailboat are often depicted with people suggested walking on the beach. As Debra Onessimo, owner of Onessimo Fine Arts Gallery in Palm Beach Gardens says: "Samir's beach scenes are so simple and yet so complex. He is at this level of mastering his unique rendering of this majestic nature beauty."



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